Cloud Computing Companies Changing The Way Our Day To Day Computing

Cloud computing is now popularly accepted worldwide. Over the last few years, nearly all leaders in technology jumped into cloud computing market. Cloud computing firms that may possibly lead the market in this year are listed here.

Google improved how we search and analyze information. The search giant once again changed how we use our office application with their Google Apps that provide cloud-based  calendar, email, documents for small and medium corporations to large corporations. Do you need an internet based music storage service that enables instant access and streaming to your home desktops and mobile phones? Then you should look into the freshly announced Google Music Beta. As cloud storage providers become popularly accepted, a new rumor appeared across blogosphere is that Google may rejuvenate their G-Drive project.

Amazon is the world's most well known online retailer. We thought it is also amongst the best cloud computing providers on the earth. Cloud computing, cloud storage space, cloud databases, content delivery, payment, monitoring are examples of their services. You need to look at's AWS just in case you are searching for a decent cloud provider with cheap price.

The widely talked about iCloud is Apple's answer to cloud computing. Using iCloud, users can sync a variety of contents including but not limited to music, movies, photos, documents, etc. to cloud, and open or play it from any Mac, PC, iPhone & iPad. Having hundreds of millions of existing loyal customers, iCloud would be a huge success.

Some people thought cloud computing is the threat to Microsoft. The OS giant has already claimed its leading spot in the industry with Windows Azure. Windows Azure is now quite popular among their loyal customers.  It is now no doubt that Microsoft is becoming one of the best cloud computing companies. offers customer relationship management (CRM) products to enterprise consumers. It is one of the most successful cloud providers offering platform as a service.

Dropbox, Inc. offers cloud storage to end users. It provides a variety of user clients across various mobile and computer OS. Using Dropbox, users can easily store and distribute files to others through the world wide web. Users can also stream audio and videos from their accounts to mobile Dropbox clients like Android, iPhone and iPad. Free customers can enjoy 2GB of storage. They can get up to 8 Gigabytes of free online storage by recommending other people to Dropbox. If you buy $9.99/month subscription, you will get 50 Gigabytes of storage. You can also subscribe 100 GB plan and large quota plan.

Another widely praised company which provides cloud storage for files, images and other content is SugarSync. Synchronization and instant access from Windows PC, Mac and mobile devices are easy and conveniently. SugarSync provides 5 GB of free online storage to each customer. is content management and cloud storage company. now offers 5 GB to free user, while the competitor Dropbox offers only 2 Gigabytes. Nevertheless Dropbox's users can have up to 8 GB absolutely free if they refer other people to join Dropbox. charges $15/month for 500 GB cloud storage whilst Dropbox charges $9.99 just for 50 Gigabytes. That's a significant point to consider. But Dropbox has larger variety of clients - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.